4 Pillars to building profitable & evergreen Facebook campaigns

Building and maintaining campaigns that succeed takes time, experience and skill. Here are the 4 important factors that make it happen.

#1 Objectives & Goals

Read this especially if your new to facebook marketing. Understand your business objectives will better prepare you to achieve the goals you set out for. (Skip if you understand facebook objectives)

2# Consumer Insight

Deep learning and research into your potential customer on facebook helps us create targeted audience that convert better and saves you money.

3# Attention

Attention is everything, if you don’t have it you might as well be talking to the wall. Here’s how I use creative ways to grab the attention of your audience.

4# Battle Plan

The final pillars core function is to understand the consumer journey and combine the 1st 3 pillars into one cohesive strategy that continues to win at every step.

Who is Rajiv Rai?

A self driven entrepreneur who use Facebook marketing to build his own successful ecommerce business. Pushing to make every dollar count, Rajiv has managed to gain over 3X returns on his Facebook ad campaigns by learning fast and finding creative solutions to optimize resources and maximise returns.

He spent the first 8 years of his career editing tv commercials for companies like Nestle, P&G, Honda, CIMB, DiGi and many others before going out to build his own business.

He now uses his knowledge and experience to help brands and companies launch eCommerce businesses and build Facebook marketing campaigns that are profitable and evergreen.